Skanderbeg Mountain is located in the National Park of Qafe-Shtama in Kruja and is 1723m above sea level. On the 550th anniversary of the death of our National Hero, Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu, the Albanian Federation of Alpinists, in cooperation with alpinism groups from all over Albania, organized the climb to Skanderbeg Mountain.

To go to Skanderbeg Mountain, start from the city of Kruja and head for the Cudhi Administrative Unit. The road is surrounded by a diverse vegetation ranging from hayloft, oak, beech, dill, pine and so on all sides and is dominated by the color green. After a 35 minute drive from the center of Kruja, once crossing the “Qafështama” Bottled Water Factory stop and get ready for climbing Skenderbeg’s path. Here.

As we climb this path to discover unexplored nature, the terrain is rugged, 1265m to the highest peak (the Lake Peak is 1725m) but climbing the trail can be done by any age group. At the foothills of this path bearing the name of the National Hero, Skanderbeg, during numerous wars, has depicted the Ottoman invaders, in defense of the Principality of Arber, its capital, Kruja. Along the trail, there are numerous streams flowing from the highest peak of this mountain with icy and crystalline water. During this walk, we have the opportunity to touch wild plants and to feel the fresh scent of pine trees. The climb to the trail takes about two hours and thirty minutes and has a 3.71 km climbing distance. As we climbed to Skenderbeg Mountain at 1723 m, the eye sees the long coastline of the Adriatic, and the visibility goes to Burrel in Mali i Dejës.E after exploring closely known all the Skanderbeg Mountain with vegetation differently with the Black Sea mass, the Ahun, the good during the winter, the clean air, we are on the right path to return. We are off the trail from the former workers’ park in Qafë Shtamë, where we will see the Camping Shkreli Resort somewhere, as an opportunity to spend the night among the best hotel conditions.

P.S. If you want to get away from the fog and the acoustic noise that the city offers, take the road to Kruja to get where your lungs are filled with fresh air.